5 Ways to Beat the Coronavirus Blues: Fitness Enthusiasts Edition (Totally Free!)

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“Stay home.”

At first glance, the directive doesn’t seem terribly accommodating to the maintenance of physical fitness. If you’re like most people, you’ve probably never in your life spent quite so much quality time with your couch. How can you stay fit and active during your coronavirus quarantine?

Pretty much every fitness studio chain in America has a solution for you. They feel your couch-induced pain, because they’re experiencing it, too. Free workouts are everywhere. But when you start exploring your options, the abundance may feel overwhelming. Almost enough to send you back to that couch.

Never fear. We’re here for you. We want you healthy and happy when this is all over. So we’ve curated a list of five online fitness resources to help you fit in your quarantine workout, no matter the size of your living room.

Before we dive in, a quick clarification: Many fitness studio chains are offering 30-day free trials for a limited time. These free trials can be a fantastic way for fitness enthusiasts to try out new at-home workout options. For our list, however, we’re featuring only no-cost fitness resources that are likely to STAY free for the foreseeable future, no strings attached.

Planet Fitness: “Home Work-Ins” for the Whole Family

Planet Fitness is making coronavirus-quarantine fitness accessible for all ages and fitness levels. Their free at-home “work-ins,” live-streamed daily at 5pm Mountain on Facebook Live, feel tailor-made for individuals or families trying to find and navigate their “new normal.” Workouts never require any special equipment, and everything can be done couch-side. A free app provides even more “work-ins.” Planet Fitness is also offering a range of family-friendly “special edition” workouts, including morning stretches, family dance parties, and “Sunday Funday” sports workouts. Find the schedule on their website.

CorePower Yoga: Building Strength & Getting Centered

Couldn’t everyone use a little centering right now? As the intro to CorePower Yoga’s free set of online yoga classes reads, “This is when we all need yoga most.” That’s why the Colorado-based yoga studio chain is providing free access to a curated collection of yoga workouts. While paid subscribers have access to more than 250 workouts, the free offerings — refreshed weekly — offer up a range of options likely to satisfy yoga practitioners of all fitness and experience levels.

305 Fitness: Dancing Yourself into Fitness

When it comes to shaking off some blues, dancing is almost never a bad idea. Pre-COVID-19, Sadie Kurzban’s 305 Fitness was a popular dance workout in New York City. Now, it takes place daily in your living room at 10am and 4pm Mountain via 305 Fitness’ new YouTube channel, 305 Live. Kurzban (and her sort-of-willing husband) offer up virtual cardio dance parties that include 45 minutes of workout time. Complete with Kurzban’s pink outfit, fluorescent green nails, and live chat from dancers around the world, 305 Live will inject some serious energy into your coronavirus quarantine workout. They’ve also got archived classes.

Orangetheory: Tech-enabled, Science-based Workouts

Prefer a tech-enabled workout? Orangetheory, the popular fitness studio chain that relies on the science of the “Orange Zone” to maximize workout impact, has gotten into the quarantine workout space with its own free workout series. The new “Orangetheory at Home” website offers up a new workout every day alongside an archive of past workouts. Free Orangetheory iOS and Android apps help you record your stats, view workout summaries, and access additional workouts.

Celebrity Trainer Don Saladino: Next-Level Fitness

Ever been tempted to try one of those intensive body transformation programs? For some, quarantine may feel like exactly the right time to finally make that goal happen. Well, how about a four-week, no-equipment program that uses only your body weight to help you get fit? You know, so that you don’t have to go out and buy any fancy equipment? Celebrity fitness trainer Don Saladino, known for training the likes of action stars like Emily Blunt, John Krasinski, Hugh Jackman, Ryan Reynolds, and Blake Lively, is offering up his 4-Week Body Weight Program at no cost. Saladino is also offering daily 20- to 30-minute body weight program sessions at 1:30pm Mountain on Instagram.

Covered is here to help you through these challenging times. While we’ve got ideas to help you lower your bills and lessen budget impact, we know that surviving COVID-19 will require focusing on far more than finances and insurance. Look for more installments of our “5 Ways to Beat the Coronavirus Blues” series, coming soon to our blog.