10 Must-Visit Eateries In Denver

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10 Must-Visit Eateries In Denver

Have you recently moved to Colorado and need some good finds for your cravings? Are planning to pass through to take advantage of the incredible slopes in the state’s world-renown ski resorts? Or do you like to just know some great spots for getting a bite to eat when you visit a city?

We’re a Denver-based company, so it is only appropriate we share some of Denver’s popular restaurants! So, if you are a recent Denver, Colorado transplant or need some ideas for a future visit, here are 10 must-visit places to eat in Denver.

Check out this lively combo list of old established eateries and some new ones not to miss!

1) Buckhorn Exchange

Buckhorn Exchange’s claim to fame not only is its selection of steaks and unusual appetizers, but it boasts per its website the honor of holding liquor license “Number One” from opening in 1893. Buckhorn Exchange is hailed as Denver’s original steakhouse and is considered one of the oldest restaurants in the Mile High City. If you are really hungry or up for a challenge, among its many steaks, fish, and game dishes, they also serve a massive 4-pound steak for guests!

2) Biker Jim’s

Biker Jim’s carries gourmet hot dogs and has been named “one of America’s top-13 hot dogs of summer”. These are not your normal hot dogs offering ostrich, elk, wild boar, and even rattlesnake dogs! Biker Jim’s is located in LoDo and Coors Field, and has become one of Colorado’s “biggest culinary success stories,” and has been featured on many culinary shows, food networks and channels, and often featured on local news.

3) Beau Jo’s

Renowned as the “Original Home of Colorado-style Pizza”, Beau Jo’s has several Colorado area locations, but a list of restaurants to visit in Denver would not be complete without Beau Jo’s, even though it is located in Idaho Springs. What makes Beau Jo’s pizza a must-eat is the crust. Instead of using sugar they use honey and when you see the crust, you will see why it is unlike any pizza you have ever seen. The crust you see, was designed to support a record-level quantity of toppings, cheese, and sauce. This pizza is thick, stacked, and absolutely delicious, and definitely not-to-be-missed!

4) The Brown Palace

The Brown Palace is another old and iconic staple of Denver. Enter this famous hotel and you can discover many restaurants inside catering to all budgets. Not only can visitors embrace Colorado’s historical roots, you won’t find restaurants of this kind anywhere else in the state either. Opened in 1892, The Brown Palace accommodated an increasing number of travelers moving westbound at the time. The exterior of the building does not do the interior justice though, as you dine among cast iron railings and opulent chandeliers. The hotel has many restaurants inside to choose from, so don’t get off put by the idea this place is out of your budget with many of its meal prices comparable to other Downtown restaurants.

5) Illegal Pete’s

Anyone who lives in Denver, and pretty much any other Colorado city, knows Illegal Pete’s. With many locations to choose from, Pete’s is all about serving up burritos and tacos, and its very own authentic green chile, but you will also become well-acquainted with the fun and generous atmosphere Pete’s is known by patrons. Notably, it is also recognized for its commitment to supporting local artists. Its founder even started his own record label and helped release albums for many local Coloradoan musicians. No visit or stay in Denver is complete without a visit once (or many), to this iconic Denver staple.

6) Bellota

This is one of the most recent restaurants added to the list. Awarded many distinctions in the culinary space, Chef Manny Barella wanted “the meat to speak by itself,” and when you taste the flavors of shrimp, carnitas, and anything else on its colorful menu, you will soon discover why Bellota has taken Mexican food beyond anything you have tried previously. Bellota has a Boulder location as well, in case you were heading to Colorado’s other infamous mountain town.

7) Potager

First opened in 1997, Potager means “kitchen garden” and serves up dishes with locally sourced ingredients surrounded by a relaxing and natural atmosphere. Guests can enjoy eating its fresh and delightful New-American cuisine in this rustic restaurant and wine bar. They have daily specials among its wonderful menu of small plates, appetizers, entrees, and desserts. Potager gets help from local farmers, makers and the seasons “to create a local and fresh menu perfect all year round.”

8) Jovanina’s Broken Italian

Described as a “wood-fired modern Italian restaurant (through a Colorado lens), Jovanina’s serves up the best menu for sharing and all the pizzas and pastas are hand-made. One dish to try is the Cacio e Pepe (pronounced ca-cho ee pepe) which is a Roman pasta dish that translates to “cheese and pepper pasta”. It is a simple dish consisting of just four ingredients of Bucatini (similar to spaghetti but thicker tubes), black pepper, Pecorino Romano, and unsalted butter. Many Denverites will tell you not to miss this new LoDo (Lower Downtown) local gem.

9) Tocabe

Ready for something authentically western region food flare? You must visit Tocabe, a Native American eatery that serves up Indian tacos, posu bowls, stuffed fry bread, Red Lake Nation wild rice, and dressing made from edibles like elderberry or maple vinaigrette. Part of the Osage Nation, Tocabe “utilizes our American Indian roots to help educate people on indigenous culture”, and currently is the only American Indian-owned and operated restaurant in Metro Denver, and one of only a handful of restaurants in all of the United States.

10) Tupelo Honey

Interested in experiencing some Southern cooking right in Lower Downtown Denver? Then look no further than Tupelo Honey. Tupelo Honey brings classic scratch-made Southern cuisine from its roots in the Carolina Mountains to the Rockies. Choose from dishes such as fried green tomatoes, re-invented shrimp and grits, bourbon peppercorn glazed meatloaf, cast iron pork, and of course its bone-in fried chicken that is brined for over 18 hours then cooked to perfection. More of a sandwich person, Tupelo serves tasty southern specialties and some common knowns with added southern flare to please the palate.

Supporting the Locals

There are certainly more local favorites for all the newbies to Denver to experience, and this is definitely not an exhaustive list by any means. If you know of others for people new to the Denver metro area or merely visiting, make sure to let us know! All of us here at Covered are all about supporting our beloved city and community dwellers!