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Here are answers to some of the questions you may have with your policy renewal!

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Yes, insurance policies automatically renew. Your carrier will send you a renewal statement a few months prior to renewal, and if you have no changes, the policy will automatically renew. As part of our renewal process, Covered customer service agents begin reviewing your policy and 35 days before your policy renewal the team performs a renewal shop to ensure you are receiving the most competitive rates. Keep an eye out for emails from the Covered team as we get closer to your renewal date as we will help you through the entire renewal process.

Not quite, you’re buying an insurance policy from the carrier of your choice - we are licensed and appointed by them to sell the policy to you. What is the best part about purchasing through Covered? You get all of the Covered perks! We provide support and advice on when to file a claim, along with regular insurance check-ups and automated shopping year-after-year to ensure you are always getting the best price!

Once you receive the emails from your carrier(s) to set up your online account, you will be able to set up billing. Super easy to manage monthly premium payments.

With our renewal process, Covered does the reshop and if we find you have bundling opportunities, we will get in touch with you to get your coverage bundled. If you know you want to bundle before the policy review and your renewal date, simply call us at 833-487-2683 or email to speak with someone on our team.

Increasing coverage is super EASY! Simply contact one of our Covered Insurance Advisors and they will help you make changes to your policy coverage.

Just simply contact us! It's the best part about purchasing your insurance coverage through Covered you now have access to an entire team of licensed advisors and customer support representatives who are ready to answer any question you have. We are here for you, so there is no need to call your carrier or multiple carriers, if you have multiple policies with different carriers. We are here to help as your one-stop source for all your insurance questions!

In addition to home insurance offering, Covered can help with renters, auto, life, motorcycle, boat, flood, pet, and umbrella policies, plus we offer bundling options too!

Get in touch with Covered so we can get the new upgrades included in your policy. If you made upgrades over the course of the year, make sure you documented everything you did and we can assist in adding these to your policy coverage. Do this before your policy renewal or let us know when you hear from us beginning at the 60 day time leading up to your renewal. Outdoor upgrades are categorized as other structures and aren’t always included in your standard policy unless you specifically purchase the coverage. So make sure to let us know and we can get these items included in your policy.

If you have any policy changes, simply call one of our Insurance Advisors at 833-487-2683 and they will be happy to assist you with making those changes.

In order to file a claim, you will have to contact your carrier directly and get the process started. Covered Insurance Advisors cannot file claims nor file on your behalf, but we can offer counseling to determine if you should file a claim or answer your questions. Simply contact us at 833-487-2683 and we can walk you through the claims process and guide you in what you can expect when you file a claim with your carrier.

Speak with a Covered Advisor as we can help gauge the best steps to take before you begin renovating and provide advice on what to expect and how the renovation is going to impact your insurance coverage and policy.

These items are considered 'other structures' or ‘other items’ in terms of homeowners insurance policies and are not typically included in a standard policy. If you had the items included at the time you purchased your policy they would be included, but when you add these to your asset portfolio after the policy is bound, then you will need to add them in. If you want to ensure they are covered for the replacement value, we can help get you the proper coverage at the correct value of the added outdoor items.

Additionally, some of these “fun enhancements” are considered an attractive nuisance, and you could be held liable for injury should someone get hurt using them; even if someone is trespassing on your property when they were hurt using them! Speak with us about checking your liability coverage in the event someone gets injured on your property. One great option for people who have a lot of these enhancements is getting umbrella insurance coverage. Speak with us about it!

Generally, unless you have tenants living in your home, people moving in and out won’t affect your home insurance policy. You should notify us if you have changes in occupancy to be safe.

There are many factors that contribute to an increase in insurance rates. Location, characteristics of the home, roof type and even your credit score in some states affects your rates, as well as claims history. Home insurance rates also change on renovations to your property. Speak with someone on our team and we can advise and counsel on changes to your insurance rates and premiums, while also finding ways for you to save where you can.

In the event your home becomes inhabitable, loss of use coverage or additional living expenses (ALE) coverage can help pay for the additional costs you might incur for reasonable housing and living expenses if a covered event makes your home temporary inhabitable during repair or rebuild. Speak with the Covered team about adding loss of use insurance coverage to your policy.

Covered A coverage is dwelling insurance. If your home is damaged by a covered peril, the dwelling coverage may help pay to repair, rebuild, or replace your home back to its physical structure. Dwelling coverage is included in every homeowners or condo policy, and because your home is the most important asset, this coverage is the essential of home insurance, yet most commonly misunderstood by many consumers. Dwelling coverage covers the house, an attached garage, countertops, flooring, and built-in appliances. Dwelling coverage also protects attached deck, verandas or screened-in porches, chimneys, and permanently installed building materials like vanities, flooring, ceilings, cabinets, etc. Structures that are detached such as garages, sheds, barns, guest houses, fences, and other items like swimming pools and gazebos are not included.

These as mentioned above, are categorized as “other structures” under your coverage. Dwelling insurance covers perils like fire, hail or windstorms, lightning strikes, explosions, falling objects, damages by motor vehicles, and theft and vandalism. Flood damage is not covered under dwelling coverage, so make sure to speak with someone on our team to discuss flood insurance coverage to protect against sewer backups, earthquakes, and accidents occurring from lack of maintenance.

Inflation and rising interest rates affect your homeowners insurance due to the rising cost of rebuilding. During economic conditions with increasing costs across building materials and labor, or even shortages, all will impact the rates of insurance premiums. Be sure to speak with us about your current policy and any changes to dwelling rebuild or repair costs against your coverage to make sure you are fully protected in these unpredictable times.

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