7 Weird Things Typically Covered by Homeowners Insurance

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7 Weird Things Typically Covered by Your Homeowners Insurance

You might be thinking Homeowners insurance policies are pretty straightforward in what they cover right? Well, do we have some info for you!

Here are 7 weird things you may not know about that are typically covered under your homeowners insurance!

1. Falling objects. Tree limbs, rocks, or parts of another property are covered, as well as some weird things falling from the sky like satellites, space debris like meteorites, and even “blue ice” (ya know the frozen toilet waste discharged from a flying airplane) are covered under standard policies. Yes, blue ice… they are known as "blue ice events" and good thing they are! Ewww...

2. Tombstones. Most policies cover gravestones, even if they are not on the property. Check with your Covered Insurance Advisor to see if tombstones in the family are covered, even if they are at the cemetery. And if they are on the property, they are definitely covered.

3. Damage by religious phenomenon. Unusual occurrences, such as a “house Virgin Mary appears in the oil and damage was done to your home as a result”, are covered.

4. Damage from wild animals. As long as they are not pets and truly wild animals, and they damage your home, it should be covered.

5. Rain on your wedding day. If you hold an event in your home or yard and rain or some natural disasters like a volcano erupts, fire breaks out, or a windstorm ruins the event, then your homeowners insurance covers it. Check with your Insurance Advisor on this, as some policies require these events to be covered as a rider.

6. Spoiled food. You buy that filet mignon and a power outage spoils it before you ever get to enjoy it. It’s covered under a standard HO3 policy. There is a limit of $1,000 though, unless you choose a higher amount. Good to know you won't need to be crying over spoiled steaks now!

7. Recreational drone damage. With all the drones flying over homes these days, it is a good thing these too, are covered under your policy.

There you have it. Some very weird things typically covered under stand homeowners insurance policies.

Just make sure to always check with your Insurance Advisor to make sure all these things are in fact included, as insurance does vary and some carriers will require riders or additional coverage to include certain circumstances around these “weird things” and the limits on them. You can always ask about increasing the allowable limits though!

Call us about yuor coverage and if weird things are included in your policy

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