Your Implementation Your Way

With us, you're Covered. We have a suite of implementation options to ensure you are able to offer your customers a premium insurance shopping experience without any heavy lifting.

Our implementation options include Fully Embedded API, Web SDK, White Label Experience, Warm Transfer and IVR (Interactive Voice Response).

Regardless of what implementation option works for you, you'll have Covered's designated team to provide you with a consultative approach for you and your business.

Fully Embedded API

With this implementation, your customers can shop, compare and purchase multiple insurance products within your existing tech stack. Our API integration delivers Covered’s unique marketplace experience to request and compare personalized insurance quotes instantly.

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Our Web SDK implementation is our fastest way to deliver our embedded insurance marketplace to your customers. This implementation option abstracts the specifics of our API, allowing your developers to follow common patterns familiar to them during integration.

White Label Experience

Our easiest implementation option that offers a customizable insurance shopping journey that makes it easy for your customers to shop, compare and purchase multiple insurance policies in minutes. Offered as a White Label or co-branded experience.

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Warm Transfer

Our Warm Transfer program is focused on providing an instant call transfer to your interested customers. Having a direct line to quickly access a personal, in-house insurance advisor will enable you to deliver a powerful value-add to your customers immediately.

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Our IVR (Interactive Voice Response) program is focused on providing a personalized, self service item for your customer to get the most out of their insurance shopping experience.